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    Theoretically, television may be feasible, but I consider it an impossibility--a development which we should waste little time dreaming about. 

    Lee de Forest, 1926, inventor of the cathode ray tube.

    I think there is a world market for about five computers. 

    Thomas J. Watson, 1943, Chairman of the Board of IBM.

    We don't think the Beatles will do anything in their market. Guitar groups are on their way out. 

    Recording company expert, 1962.

    A bishop of a century ago pronounced from his pulpit and in the periodical he edited that heavier-than-air flight was both impossible and contrary to the will of God. Oh, the irony that Bishop Wright had two sons, Orville and Wilbur! Wright was wrong. Sure of himself, but wrong. 

    Robert P. Dungan, Jr., Winning the New Civil War, p. 38.

    Said ABC Nightline's Ted Koppel one night:

    "We have actually convinced ourselves that slogans will save us. 'Shoot up if you must, but use a clean needle.' or, 'Enjoy sex whenever and with whomever you wish, but protect yourself.' No! The answer is no! Not because it isn't cool or smart or because you might wind up in jail or dying in the AIDS ward, but because it's wrong!

    "What Moses brought down from Mount Sinai were not the Ten Suggestions, but the Ten Commandments!" Bits & Pieces, April 30, 1992.