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    Chisholm effect-basic laws of frustration, mishap, and delay

    1st law of human interaction. If anything can go wrong, it will.

    Corollary: If anything just can't go wrong, it will anyway.


    2nd law. When things are going well, something will go wrong.

    Corollary: When things just can't get any worse, they will.

    Corollary 2: Anytime things appear to be going better, you have overlooked something.

    3rd law. Purposes, as understood by the purposer, will be judged otherwise by others. Corollary: If you explain so clearly that nobody can misunderstand, somebody will. Corollary 2: If you do something which you are sure will meet with everybody's approval, somebody won't like it. Corollary 3: Procedures devised to implement the purpose won't quite work. Corollary 4: No matter how long or how many times you explain, no one is listening.

    "The Chisholm Effect," Motive Magazine, 1963.

    If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we've solved it!

    Source Unknown.

    Nothing will be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.

    Source Unknown.

    A pessimist can hardly wait for the future so he can look back with regret.

    Source Unknown.