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    From the Tulsa, Okla., Gusher: "There was a typo in lawyer Ed Morrison's ad. His logo is: 'Your case is no stronger than your attorney,' not 'stranger.'" 

    Reader's Digest.

    A Russian, a Cuban, an American businessman and an American lawyer were on a train traveling across Europe. The Russian took out a large bottle of vodka, poured each of his companions a drink and then hurled the semi-full bottle out the window. 

    "Why did you do that?" asked the American businessman. 

    "Vodka is plentiful in my country," said the Russian. "In fact, we have more than we will ever use." 

    A little later, the Cuban passed around fine Havana cigars. He took a couple of puffs of his and then tossed it out the window. 

    "I thought the Cuban economy was suffering," the businessman said. "Yet you threw that perfectly good cigar away." 

    "Cigars," the Cuban replied, "are a dime a dozen in Cuba. We have more of them than we know what to do with." 

    The American businessman sat in silence for a moment. Then he got up, grabbed the lawyer and threw him out the window. 

    Quoted by James Dent in Charleston, W.VA., Gazette.

    A man and his lawyer squared off in court against his opponent and two lawyers. "I want you to hire another attorney to help with my case," he told his sole counselor. "The other fellow has two." "That's not necessary," replied his attorney. "I can defend you by myself." "I still want a second person," the defendant insisted. "When one of the plaintiff's lawyers is talking, the other one is thinking. When you talk, nobody's thinking."

    Source Unknown.