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    A priest who has spent a fruitless day fishing picked out three fat fish in the market. "Before you wrap them," he said to the store manager," toss them to me, one by one. That way I'll be able to tell the monsignor I caught them and I'll be speaking the truth."

    Bits & Pieces, July 21, 1994, p. 15.

    There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.

    Steven Wright, Comedian.

    There are more fish taken out of a stream than ever were in it.

    Oliver Hereford.

    Our idea of fishing is to put all the exertion up to the fish. If they are ambitious we will catch them. If they are not, let them go about their business.

    Don Marquis, Prefaces.

    Jim Byrne, in Cairns, Australia, was in the fight of his life with a giant marlin he'd hooked. The fish leapt, splashed and fought, but was firmly hooked. Byrne worked him to the boat and landed him. The fish, however, had not finished the fight. While thrashing around on deck, he speared Byrne in the chest. His sword missed Byrne's lungs and heart by a fraction of an inch. Withdrawing his weapon, the fish causally flipped overboard and swam away unharmed.

    Touche'! Campus Life.